Your 6-Step Guide To Writing A Killer CV

Imagine yourself being caught up with a stack of CVs of numerous applicants. And, the fact that you’ve to go through all of them in order to fill that vacant role in the organization. 

Sounds overwhelming, right? 


Well, that’s exactly what happens with the recruiters today! 


Considering the time constraint and thousands of applications they receive for a particular position, the recruiters, on an average, spend only 5-10 seconds on a CV. However, if your CV undergoes the screening process by a computer, it might not even get that far. (That’s a hard truth!)


Hence, all the more reasons to create a killer CV. It’s actually imperative to make your application stand out from the rest and convey to the recruiters that you offer the most important benefits for the role. 


That being said, the below-mentioned are the top 6 CV writing tips that you must abide by in order to land into an interview. Whether you’re a college graduate looking for new opportunities or a working professional looking to advance your career, these tips will prove to be highly advantageous. 


Enough of the talking, let’s jump right into it.

STEP 1. Get your basics right 


Well, as basic as it may sound, but this is one point that needs the most attention. 

When we say basics, we mean that you need to make sure there are no grammatical errors, formatting issues, spelling mistakes, or any such errors in your CV. Ensure that you opt for a particular font and that it remains consistent throughout. Because this is the first thing that recruiters observe and trust us, they take no more than one second to discard your application. 

Secondly, you need to make sure that there isn’t any gap in your employment history. And, if there is, don’t forget to highlight whatever you were a part of during that time. It gives employers clarity on what you’ve been up to. 


Besides, check and re-check if your contact details are correct. Otherwise, how will the employer contact you? 


STEP 2. A compelling opening summary is vital 

All of us have heard the phrase “The first impression is the last impression.”


It stands true in every scenario, including this one. So, the best way to go about it is to craft a captivating opening summary as this will set the tone of your entire document. Besides, the employer will get a fair idea of what exactly you are involved with and if your profile matches the job description. 


Do not confuse an opening summary with a career objective. While the latter sheds light on what you seek, the former is the space where you showcase your skills. In simple terms, you need to sell yourself here. 


For instance, “To work with a well-reputed organization and grow both personally and professionally” fits best under the career objective section. 


However, “A highly-enthusiastic marketer with time-management and creative abilities” sounds more compelling for an opening summary. 



STEP 3. Keep it brief and relevant


A document that is brief, concise, and relevant is the perfect example of a good CV. 

The key here is to keep things crisp and relevant. The recruiter is definitely not interested to go through the details of all the societies you were a part of in your college. But, he/she will surely want to see the minutest details of your dissertation or other such important projects. 


It should focus on the skills you possess and that they are in line with what is required. So, make sure that you don’t utilize one full page of your CV talking about your graduation/university. 


STEP 4. List your job responsibilities in descending order 


As already mentioned, the folks who receive your resume would just skim through it. This implies that they won’t read all the points whether it be your job responsibilities or achievements. 


Hence, it is critical that you list the most significant ones at the top followed by the least significant ones at the bottom. So, narrow down your options, highlight your impressive tasks at the top, and mention your mundane day-to-day responsibilities at the bottom. 


STEP 5. Tailor your CV to the job you’re applying for 


While generic CVs are easy to create, they are far less effective. In order to make sure that your CV grabs the attention of the recruiter, make sure to do your research and add relevant keywords in it. 


It will not only make your CV customized but also help make it through the screening process of computer software. 


So, do this and increase your chances of landing into that interview! 


STEP 6. Adopt the CAR Approach 


Wondering what it is? 


CAR refers to Context, Action, and Results. 


Once you’ve successfully created your CV, go through it once and mentally confirm if it fits the CAR approach. Keep it short but long enough for the recruiter to know about your past experience. 


On the other hand, highlight your major achievements and await the recruiter’s action on your CV. 


These are some of the most important points you should keep in mind in order to create a killer CV.  Besides, there are various CV templates on the internet available today you can take help from. Follow them and you’ll be good to go. We wish you good luck in your job hunt!