Top 5 Hard Skills You Need To Brush Up In 2020 To Make Your Hustle Easy

If you are to believe the statistics, Artificial Intelligence AKA AI will create a massive 2.3 million jobs and eliminate 1.8 million jobs in 2020. 

Surprising much? 

Well, AI has been the buzzword in the technology sector for quite some time now and one of the most in-demand skills for 2020. There are other alike that follow its lead. Hence, organizations are looking to hire talented individuals in the data analysis and technology domain since these hard skills dominate in 2020.  

We know what you’re thinking! 

Sure, developing soft skills like Creativity, Adaptability, Emotional Intelligence, and Collaboration is being emphasised upon. But, these are not enough to get you through that much-awaited job interview. While soft skills focus on the way people perform a specific task, hard skills, on the other hand, refer to an employee’s ability to do that task. 

Unless you have sound knowledge of the most important work skills of 2020, you, unfortunately, won’t be able to crack the interview of your favorite employer. 

Keeping that in mind, we have created a list of the most in-demand skills for 2020 so that you can polish your skill set in the ongoing quarantine and put your best foot forward once the pandemic is over and things get back to normal. 

Without further ado, let’s get started! 

  1. Blockchain 

Whoever thought the ‘once shadowy’ world of cryptocurrency shall gain such significance and importance in the business world! 

Blockchain, a distributed, decentralized, public ledger that helps track shipments and transactions of all kinds in an efficient and cost-effective way. 

It’s not as hard as it sounds. Block here refers to the “digital information” and chain stands for “a public database” (where all that information is stored.) 

In the business world, all big organizations like IBM, Oracle, JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft, to name a few are ready to invest in candidates with blockchain expertise as they believe its potential is worth the gamble. 

So, it’s clear, no matter the industry (healthcare, financial, shipping, or even farming), blockchain is omnipresent. 

In order to up your game, there are a handful of courses available online that can help you develop those basic skills in order to advance your career in Blockchain. However, please do keep in mind that you must have a solid base of coding and software development skills. 

2. Cloud Computing

If you are planning to learn this IT skill in 2020, we would motivate you all the more. 

While those who aren’t aware of it, Cloud Computing, in simple terms, is the ability to store and access data and programs over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. 

And, when you store data and run programs from the cloud, that’s referred to as computing. 

Hence, cloud computing is one of the hottest skills in the market today. And, according to PC, it was one of the highest-paid certifications of 2019. 

So, get started with cloud computing right away!  

3. Analytical Reasoning 

If you are not so much of the “typical software developer”, then this program is surely for you. As the name suggests, Analytical Reasoning refers to going through humongous amounts of data, both qualitative and quantitative, and discern patterns out of it. Further, turn it into predictive analysis or insights that can influence the business decisions of an organization. 

Sounds interesting, right? 

So, why not go ahead and pursue it today? All you need to do is find the right course online from the numerous ones available. 

4. Artificial Intelligence 

Whether it’s the voice-assistant in your smartphone or the ease of booking a taxi today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have managed to enter almost every domain and transform the way businesses operate. 

As the name suggests, it is the intelligence incorporated into the machines of today that mimic human intelligence and automate all tasks. 

83% of businesses say AI is a strategic priority for their businesses today. 

Reason enough to hone this IT skill and kick start your career into it? 

So, browse through the different online courses and get your basics right. 

All the marketers out there, we’ve got a little good news for you as well. In case you’re interested to pursue this in-demand skill of 2020, you can look for courses on “Marketing and Artificial Intelligence” and you won’t be disappointed. 

5. UX Design 

Bad and slow UX is something that attracts the attention of everyone. And, this is one of the main reasons for high bounce rates. 

With so much business generated online today, whether it be eCommerce or other, organizations are constantly looking to fill that vacant role of UX Designer in their organization. You can certainly see how a hot piece of cake this skill is today! 

Besides, organizations don’t hesitate to pay a hefty amount to those with expertise in UX Design. (In case you were looking for this motivation!)

Why wait when you can enroll yourself for an online course in UX Design today and hone your skills in it! 

The aforementioned hard skills are some of the most in-demand skills of 2020 and beyond and will land you in some of the most in-demand jobs of 2020. So, get set and acquire these skills for 2020 and make the most of your quarantine time. Besides, don’t forget to brush up on your soft skills too. Happy learning!