In today’s time, there are lots of reality shows which are available on different channels showcasing one’s talents in the dance, singing, comedy, etc. besides this there is also big boss and khatron Ke Khiladi

types of reality shows. all the reality shows are equally famous between the audience and get high TRP ratings. I think it is a good thing as it provides opportunities for common people to showcase their talents to a wide range of audiences.

The reality shows came as a new light for the audience who are bored with the overdose of daily shops that’s why this type of show gets clicked easily by the audience.


1) It provides a platform for common people: the best thing about reality shows is it allow real people for showing their respective talents easily to a large number of an audience without any difficulties.

2) Instant fame: this not only provide a platform for the talents but also gave them instant fame and recognition which made them a famous star,

and also helps them to build a successful career in those fields. sometimes lucky contestants ables to get a break in the entertainment industry like films and tv serials.


1) Scripted: just like movies and tv serials reality shows are also scripted and contestants are forced to act according to what written in those scripts so that they can achieve maximum votes and high TRP ratings.

2) Poor background: if you want to enter and stay in any reality show then, first of all, you have to belong from a very poor family and also require a sad story which will make everyone cry for you.

3) overdramatic: the common think between Indian serial and reality show is high voltage drama. I know that the reality show is a non-fictional show

which is based on, real-life people and their talents regarding any fields. but the emotional content that is shown in the reality show is purely fictional and scripted for getting sympathy votes and derive more and more audiences so that the show will gate high TRP ratings.

( if you want to watch reality show for contestant performances without drama then watch it on apps like Hotstar, zee 5 and other online apps where skip option is available).