Kickass Productivity Hacks to Save Your Recruitment Time

All recruiters value ‘time’ the most as they know that time is a valuable resource.

Time for hiring candidates and partners is invaluable to attain success. However, amongst many variables, we juggle between our changing demands, shifting timelines, and candidates’ busy schedules. All this can eat that time-up. 

So, what must be done to increase productivity and save time? 

What must be done to improve your processes, to simplify the applications, and to leverage technology to help automate repetitive tasks to free you up to do what you do best?

Here are five ways to enhance your productivity right now:

1. Streamline your program Procedure

Your application system is often the first thing that a candidate is introduced to, and it’s the window to your overall recruiting process. Qualified applicants are more likely to finish it only if the process is intuitive and straightforward. Job seekers may give up if it’s clunky or labor-intensive, and you might lose out on some great talent.

Have a peek at the number of incomplete applicants on your career website or take a look at the bounce rate (the proportion of individuals who leave your site after seeing one web-page). This will offer insight into how potential candidates are staying to finish the process and just how many are giving up on you.

2. Creating email alerts to notify you of shortlisted resumes

Vetting resumes can consume your whole day – but have no fear! There are tools you can use to reduce the time you spend on this task.

There is innovative search functionality in such tools that allows you to filter them by applicants’ job titles, skills, and much more. You could even search by city, province, or postal code.

As soon as you’ve submitted your search terms, you get a filtered collection of qualified resumes. You select the ones that you would like to see in-depth and can save those you like best for later.

3. Use a scheduling tool to book interviews effectively.

Arranging interviews takes time and effort too. You may make your task easier by letting them schedule their meetings.

Tools like Calendly, Pick, and set the power in applicants’ hands by demonstrating available meeting times and letting them pick their slots. These tools are compatible with calendars, and a few offer mobile versions too. This makes it agile and simple for everyone to get on the exact same page with only a couple of clicks.

4. Create email templates for often used messages/replies

If you’re regularly writing and rewriting the very same types of emails to candidates, reduce the hassle by creating templates for the ones that you send most frequently (e.g., scheduling a meeting, interview confirmations, asking for references, and so on). You must ensure that you include personalized details in every single email specific to the candidate you’re contacting, other components can remain the same.

5. Construct a feedback loop to learn and improve

If you want to measure your performance and discover ways to improve your recruitment efforts, collect a brief questionnaire for applicants to complete when the job-post is filled. This will provide quantifiable insights that will help you tweak your application and interview processes. Include an open field for remarks, and make sure you thank each candidate both for applying and for finishing the questionnaire. 

Thank us later 🙂